Changes in Online Poker

With the legalization and regulation of online poker actively underway in Europe, a sustainable solution in the German-speaking region still looks uncertain. However, experts in the industry have been searching for ways to promote the game following all the changes.

Blue letter to Germany

As the Southern German newspaper reported, the EU committee again strongly condemned Germany’s gambling system just days ago. For years, the EU, Germany, and gambling providers have been arguing over constantly coordinated gambling state contracts for years.

The German federation has tried for years to protect its monopoly business, but international sports betting, online poker and casino game providers have already forced reforms several times.

The EU is calling for a strong change

I think it’s like this again. The EU urges change in Germany. For example, the difference in various gambling is illogical, and banning online poker is critical of the committee. Measures to protect German athletes have become hollow, and in Brussels they believe they have failed.

This letter is one of the so-called Vertragsverletzungsverfahrens. The German federal government now has until early September to answer critical questions from the EU Commission. Germany would face Vertragsverletzungsverfahren if they were not enough.

In Schleswig-Holstein, I’m particularly upset about letters. A few years ago, the federal government took a special route opening and regulating the market. When the government changed, related laws were abolished and re-joined in the German Gambling Bureau Agreement.

Focus one step ahead

Meanwhile, industry giant PokersStars has launched its own solution in Schleswig-Holstein, Germany. The world market leader obtained the country’s official license several years ago. It’s a small step, but proved to be mildly successful for operators and players in the region.

Starting in mid-July, players in Germany’s northernmost region can play games on Pokerstars Online PokerStars’ own platform. The Pokerstars SH accesses the entire pool of players, so it won’t really change that much. Mobile solutions for mobile phones and tablets have yet to be released, but they are developing them.

So if you’re worried about playing poker in the EU, don’t be. There will be changes for sure, but with proper measures and licensing, poker will still be a popular game at least within the region.